Tuesday, July 28, 2009

late night/ early morning discussions on circumcision.
do? or don't?

1:i never knew how to touch a penis, honestly. i still don't. i mean an uncircumsized one. i mean thats probably why i am not in a relationship.
1 [4:23 A.M.]: i mean a circumsized one*
2 [4:23 A.M.]: i wouldn't know what to do with a foreskin
1 [4:24 A.M.]: its so easy
1 [4:24 A.M.]: like what do you do without one? im always scared im going to hurt it
2[4:24 A.M.]: you just don't have practice with circumsized
2 [4:24 A.M.]: well... for a dry session
2 [4:25 A.M.]: you grab the skin at the shaft and pull it up and down on the penis, gripping firmly
1 [4:25 A.M.]: do you need lubirication? that doesnt hurt?
2 [4:25 A.M.]: there shouldn't be any friction
2 [4:26 A.M.]: cause the skins moving with you
1 [4:26 A.M.]: oh really? what about the head what do you do when you get to that?
2[4:26 A.M.]: go back down"
1[4:26 A.M.]: so just act like the head doesn't exist?
2 [4:26 A.M.]: depends on the guy i guess
2[4:26 A.M.]: _________likes to play with his own head
1 [4:27 A.M.]: what do you DO with the head?
2[4:27 A.M.]: rub it
2[4:27 A.M.]: like you would a nipple
2 [4:27 A.M.]: just pretend the head is a giant nipple that can never be bitten"
1[4:27 A.M.]: so nurse from it, is that what you're saying?
2 [4:28 A.M.]: if they're into that
1 [4:28 A.M.]: also, can i post this conversation on my new blog?
2 [4:28 A.M.]: . . . you're ridiculous.
2 [4:28 A.M.]: no! i mentioned _____ like a billion times!
1 [4:28 A.M.]: i'll cut out _________
1 [4:28 A.M.]: and i'll cut out your screename.
2 [4:28 A.M.]: cut out all names and i don't care.
2[4:28 A.M.]: k
2[4:28 A.M.]: AND _______
1 [4:29 A.M.]: okay.
1 [4:29 A.M.]: this blog is going to go viral,i hope you know.

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